Inspired by yoga, qigong, taijiquan, and baguazhang foundational exercises.

In this course, you will learn how to breathe deeply, relax, and sense deeper inside your body. Most importantly - your chronic stress and pain will reduce!  In the internal arts, these are referred to as huxifa (breathing method) and songgong(release method). I am presenting this material as a compilation of concepts and exercises I have learned from a few systems - to share a gist of what whole body relaxation, pain relief, and functional movement integration could feel like. 

This course takes a self-paced learning approach where the learner engages by: 

Reading | Watching | Listening | Trying | Reviewing

People with these conditions would benefit* from these exercises:

- Fibromyalgia
- Chronic Pain
- Chronic Stress
- Depression
- Hyperactivity Disorders
- Chronic Fatigue
- Excessive Anger and Frustration (liver qi stagnation)
*note, we do not diagnose, prevent or cure these diseases 

If you practice these exercises daily, your body will learn to relax/release, disarm, and an abundant radiance and surplus of energy will be invited back into your life. They also make excellent practices as a foundation for an internal art practitioner. I teach this material as the basis of my real world classes, and they are an ever growing and changing foundation that I rarely skip a day of practicing. 

Access to this course is NOW FREE for  lifetime access. I promise to keep returning to this course and updating the material to include more information about these methods.

Listen to the Botanical Biohacking podcast to understand our view of how Qigong works from a modern perspective and Chinese Medicine lens.

Student Review

Review by Laurie: "Since I've begun taking Zack's Tai Chi class, my body feels more balanced and strong.  I walk out of class feeling relaxed and centered and hear others say the same. He describes things in many ways, allowing us to understand what we're doing from a number of perspectives. His simple, straightforward, humorous style makes class a joy.   Although Zack is humble about his fluid, graceful skill,he really knows his stuff and is easy to follow. His non-judgemental, easygoing attitude helps us all relax and not worry so much when we have trouble with some of the moves.

Zack's spoken narrative as he guides us through the class includes a great deal of wisdom for relating with life in general. He mentions the value of meditation, tying it in with our Tai Chi material. My own meditation practice feels enriched by his teaching. Somehow, this is all helping me learn how to relax - which has always seemed like an elusive goal"

About the instructor

Taiji and Qigong Instructor

Zachary Krebs

Zachary Krebs has been studying Taijiquan and Qigong since the age of 19 and has been introduced to the Original Method Taijiquan material through a ten-year live-in training with his teacher Michael Vasquez. Currently enrolled at the University of the People's health science for community health program, Zachary is interested in continuing on the lineage tradition of finding novel ways to introduce lifestyle changing arts to the general public. 

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Standing Practice

    • What is it and why should I care?

    • Guidelines

    • Important Posture Requirements

    • Standing - 3 Postures

    • Breathing Method - Huxi Fa

    • Sample Practice and Elaboration on the 3 Postures

    • Full Verbal Walk-through of Alignments and Visualization Practice

    • Visualization Practice 2

    • Knee Bending Troubleshooting

    • Practice Schedule

    • How standing develops qualities of your lifestyle

    • Lineage Wisdom

    • Final Thoughts

    • Share your experience and ask questions!

    • End of course survey

  • 2

    Loosening and Relaxation Exercises

    • Introduction and General Guidelines

    • Audio Introduction

    • Practice Suggestions

    • Troubleshooting Injuries

    • Lower Body Series 1

    • Lower Body Series 2

    • Lower Body Series 3 - Swings

    • Whole Body Workout Sample 1

    • Arms & Body Rotational Swings

    • Hands and Wrists

    • Head, Neck, Shoulders

    • Arm Swing Planes 1

    • Shaking / Vibration Approach

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